Strip Clubs in Oslo - Norway



We need professional strip tease dancers, girls with experience and speaking good english.

The work is 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday 8.30pm till 3.30am.

Stage show: Topless (3-6 times per night, 2 songs each show)

 65 euros per night

Payment is in Norwegian Krone

Dress code: Ranging from seductive lingerie, evening wear to fantasy wear.

Private dance are nude: and start in around 100 euros for  2 songs. Girls take 40%

Drinks range from Hot beverages, soft drinks, wines, shooters, cocktails, spirits to Champagnes. Dancers get 15-30% of all drinks they sell.

Accommodation is for free at this time.

Airfare can be pre-paid by Exotic Angels.

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About the Country:

OFFICIAL NAME: Kingdom of Norway 
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Constitutional Monarchy
AREA: 324,219 Sq Km (125,182 Sq Mi)

LOCATION & GEOGRAPHY: Norway is located on the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in North West Europe. It is bound by the Arctic Ocean to the north, Sweden, Finland and Russia to the east, the Norwegian Sea to the west and the Skagerrak Strait to the south. The territory also includes many island groups such as the Lofoten and Vesteralen groups as well as individual islands including Senja, Soroya, Ringvassoy and Hitra. Norway is a mountainous country with the Kjolen Mountains in the north, the Dovrefjell Range in the central area and the Jotunheim group in south central Norway. Extensive plateau regions called Fjells or Vidde dominate the southwest and central regions, and are characterized by incised troughs that form narrow gorges in the interior with fjords towards the coast. The country has numerous lakes, of which the largest is Lake Mjosa while the principal rivers include the Glama, Dramselv and Lagen. Major Cities (pop. est.); Oslo 482,600, Bergen 221,700, Trondheim 142,800, Stavanger 103,500, Baerum 95,600 (1995). Land Use; forested 27%, pastures 0.5%, agricultural-cultivated 3%, other 69.5% (1992).

CLIMATE: Norway has a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers along the coast while in the interior the winters are cold and summers are hot. Strong winds with snow or severe frost are experienced in the Arctic winters of the interior highlands. Rainfall is heavy and frequent on the west coast with an average annual precipitation in Bergen of 1,958 mm (77 inches). Average temperature ranges in Oslo are from -7 to -2 degrees Celsius (19 to 28 degrees Fahrenheit) in January to 13 to 22 degrees Celsius (55 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) in July.

CURRENCY: The official currency is the Krone (NKr) divided into 100 Ore.

Gross National Product; USD $113,527,000,000 (1993). Public Debt; USD $23,430,000,000 (1990). Imports; NKr 192,963,300,000 (1994). Exports; NKr 244,475,100,000 (1993). Tourism Receipts; USD $1,849,000,000 (1993). Balance of Trade; NKr 51,512,000,000 (1994). Economically Active Population; 2,151,000 or 49.7% of total population (1994). Unemployed; 5.4% (1994).




All our models are 18 y.o. or older. The pictures are property of the own models. Exotic Angels only and just recruits and represents models and dancers.
Exotic Angels is not an employer.  We donґt support or encourage the illegal immigration.
Our customers (strip clubs, producers and photographers), our models and our dancers are totally responsible of all their legal documents, visas and work permits.